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Benefit Fraud

We are specialists in dealing with people accused of benefit fraud. We will offer an understanding and sympathetic ear and help you through the process including mounting a robust defence on your behalf in Court if that is the appropriate route to take.

Not all benefit fraud charges will result in criminal prosecution. In some cases it may be possible to negotiate the repayment of any benefits to which you were not entitled over a period of time, with no criminal charges being pursued.

If you are arrested you should ask for a Solicitor at the earliest opportunity. We recommend that you say nothing to the Police until you have spoken directly with us. Our 24 hour number is 07850 012 366.

Advice at a Police Station is always free of charge and will be paid for by Legal Aid. This does not depend on your financial circumstances.

What is Benefit Fraud?

Benefit fraud can allegations can arise through a number of reasons. It may simply be that you have not kept the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) up to date with changes in your circumstances, such as your income, resulting in you being overpaid. In other cases it may be that you have intentionally misled the DWP in order to gain benefits that you were not entitled to.

We understand how easily these cases can arise and we will use every means at our disposal to ensure that you are treated fairly by the DWP and Police. We will assist you in preparing statements for the DWP and we will liaise with them on your behalf.

We will always mount a strong defence to the charges on your behalf. Whether you are innocent or guilty of the charges we will ensure that any mitigating factors are taken into account by the authorities and that you receive a fair hearing.

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