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Driving whilst using a Mobile Phone

Driving whilst using a mobile phone is a relatively recent addition to the offences that you can be charged with whilst driving. This is due to the number of accidents that have been caused by people who were distracted by a device whilst driving.

For the purposes of this offence, the use of a mobile phone includes making phone calls or sending a text.

The offence of driving whilst using a mobile phone is actually separated into three distinct offences:

  • Using a hand held telephone whilst driving
  • Permitting or causing the use of a hand held telephone by the driver of a vehicle
  • Supervising a provisional license holder whilst using a hand held telephone

Convictions for this offence carry a penalty of 6 points and a fine of up to £1000. (For Passenger vehicle drivers or HGV drivers the fine can be up to £2500).

New drivers who receive 6 penalty points must retake their theory and practical tests.

More serious penalties may apply if you are involved in an accident whilst using a mobile phone as you may be charged with either Driving without due care and attention or Dangerous driving.

If you are arrested or charged with driving whilst using a mobile phone please contact us at your earliest opportunity.

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