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Our Fees

Legal Aid

This firm holds a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to supply legal services, funded by legal aid. The majority of criminal offences will indeed provide the benefit of legal aid, dependent upon your financial circumstances. We would invite you to call us so that we can quantify as to whether you qualify for free advice and thereafter representation.

Private Fees

If you do not qualify for legal aid (usually because your income exceeds the financial threshold) we endeavour, in most cases, to deal with matters by way of a fixed rate.

Those fixed fees are as follows:

  • A straightforward guilty plea in the Magistrates’ Court - £500.00 plus vat, plus travel at 45p per mile
  • An exceptional hardship hearing (you have 12 points or more on your driving licence and wish us to argue that you should not be disqualified) - £500.00 plus vat, plus travel at 45p per mile
  • Attendance at a Local Benefits Agency for interview in relation to allegations of fraudulent benefit claims - £300.00 plus vat
  • As far as trials are concerned, in the Magistrates’ Court our fees are £2,000 - £3,000 plus vat, depending on complexity.

Hourly Rates

Whilst we endeavour to deal with all matters by way of a fixed fee, some cases are unusually complex and require significant amounts of time to be spent, so as to properly defend the case. On that basis, the principle solicitor’s fees are £220.00 plus vat, and for paralegal £100.00 plus vat, per hour.

Hearings in the Crown Court:

Legal aid is always available, subject to potentially a significant contribution to the Legal Aid Agency.

If you require representation in the Crown Court, we would suggest that you telephone us, so that we might explain the rather complex system in relation to legal aid, or alternatively we would be in a position to negotiate a private fee, either on a fixed fee basis, or on an hourly rate, depending on the complexity/seriousness of the allegation you may face.

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